Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Curve of Forgotten Things


When did Elle Fanning suddenly get big enough to wear real people shoes? I was pretty sure that she was just on the edge of age 12. Her big eyes-alice in wonderland-little girl/woman precarious balance thing is throwing me off. This whole piece is gorgeous but unsettling, perfectly echoed by the gorgeous Deerhunter score. This collection was one of my favorites this spring because it was so specific: 70's suburbia, tucked away in the redwoods, mismatched china, smells a little musty, and the light never hits straight on, but comes slanting in glinting here and there. I felt like here it lost its story and became relegated to Elle's little girl lost, not quite relatable, alien girl character's costume. Other than my disappointment over the lack of a dirty chartreuse couch and some townies, i felt the suspended timelessness and the tension of inutility in the phenomenally shot oil fields and her endless twirling twirling into the light and noise.


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  2. lovely blog :) I love the fannings!

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  3. unsettling but very beautiful indeed