Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

After 6 months abroad I am finally home with a healthy computer (it is no longer allergic to the internet, my uncle is a magician) I can finally return to fashion nerd-dom. woot! And as much as I am loving my bed and southern california weather, I'm already missing Paris. Here's one of my favorite shots from living the dream (hanging out at fashion week.)

The lovely stylist/editor/rockstar Anya Ziourova and casting agent/ vintage queen Natalie Joos in the Tuileries.
photo by Merissa


  1. Its good to have you back! I'm with you on missing Paris. I was there for a holiday recently and fell in love with the culture, food and street style.

  2. nice blog!hope to meet your camera in paris one day

  3. omg where have u been???? it seems forever gurls! but glad ure back. everythings alright??


  4. Your blog is amazing, welcome back! :-)