Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Givenchy couture 2011
You know when you eat something so delicious that you think you might die, so you get another huge helping, and then you take a bite, and it could never be nearly as satisfying as the first time, and now you're disappointed and wondering why you couldn't have stopped after the sublime first taste? Last time in this room, for this presentation, with the sheer and the back detail and the feathers and the intricate minutiae, the collection was something groundbreaking. This time around, instead of a garment emerging out of the human body, articulating each vertebra in lace and beading, we get: asian themes! Plastic graphic samurai helmet? Yes the detailing is incredible, yes the use of traditional shapes is interesting, but it really feels like trying to make a sequel out of classic, with a new cast including someone from the disney franchise, and she's singing.