Friday, December 3, 2010


this unreal orange feels like home.
Apologies for being remiss, i started doing a creative writing project of writing 100 word stories every day which lasted a grand total of 4. But only a week till finals are done and you guys will have my utmost attention. Anyway check out the all of 100 kids, they are too cool. Stanford students who recently published a book of their creative writing practice.
Oranges! i'm from the county of those, and i just recently watched my first episode of the seminal classic 1st season of the OC. at the time i protested on principal, then bam, down fall. My 100 word saga is about coming home.

right back where we started from

The moment the wheels hit the tarmac,
it’s there slipping up from the hold, in the vents, maneuvering around the visitors.
The lets grab lunches and long time no talks that all mean the same
thing start pulling pulling into the comfortable habits, the petrified past person.
Jump in the shower, scrub it off: not the travel but the home.
The faucets are all new.
Mom! When did we get these spoons?
Mom! Why can I see my face in the mirror while I pee!
Did I suddenly grow?
Oh no, I just had Jose put in a new toilet.


  1. Great editorial photos..
    the second shot is very me.. "street style" kinda of thing

  2. love that first picture!

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  3. AMAZING i love that fur collar :)

  4. Thanks for the love Merissa. I'm digging all these pictures, where do they come from?