Friday, September 10, 2010


(fashion gone rogue)

Carey Mulligan for Vogue US October 2010 by Peter Lindbergh

I'm still recovering. completely floored by her beauty.
first of all, look at that face.
there is real understanding, and awareness in those eyes.
the styling of this shoot is also so perfect its ridiculous.
the black hat. what!?
especially when placed in the draped framing of the shot, she looks so real.
un-believably beautiful, but real.


  1. WOW. that hairstyle is really becoming on her; i've always thought she looks like michelle williams. both of them suit cropped pixie cuts really well

  2. Loving the second and last look, you can never go wrong with Dior and Chanel Haute Couture.. Love it. Thanks for sharing ;-)

    -Brent Billiman

  3. her hair is so cute. x

  4. This is gorgeous, I absolutely loved the set with the couture xx