Sunday, June 13, 2010


Briana and I are baking 6 dozen cupcakes tomorrow just to be whimsical. Jealous? Slap on a bow the size of your face, only wear sheer things, in the shape of large flowers preferably, pull out Mr. Fluffykins and make a daisy chain from here to kingdom come, and you might make second place in the whimsy contest. Cupcakes always win, especially when there is excessive unnecessary decoration involved.


  1. cute pics, love the third one with the lace skirt...

    Should always make time to be whimsical, infact I might go bake some is rubbish as usual :(

  2. you changed your layout! :) awesome bunch of pics as usual; i love that editorial with bambi in it. have fun baking! & show us pics of your cupcakes-with-excessive-unnecessary-decoration-involved afterwards? :)

  3. I love your new layout!!
    and lovely post!!
    espeiclaly the 2nd and 3rd pics!!